“Of course, I told her.”


Silje shrugged.

“Silje, she’s mistaken.”

“Yep.” Silje thumbed her smartphone.

“So, it’s tonight?”


Mari tamed her hair in the wind. “I got accepted.”

Silje whipped around. “You did?! That’s awesome!”

“I know! We’re going to have so much fun toge—”

Silje looked away.

“What? … You did send in your application, right?”

Silje shrugged.

“Silje! Why on Earth not?”

She shrugged again. “Don’t wanna talk about it.”

Mari shook her head, her lips pursed. “Tell me.”

“I don’t … she says I won’t get in.”

Mari blew out her lips. “She’s wrong about you too.”

Photo is copyright by Guiseppe Milo.

Daily Post prompt.

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