Monthly Archives: September 2014

Bikini Girl Found

Well, the other day before I went into the store to stock shelves and do inventory—the normal thrill routine—I found an envelope glued to my windshield. Yeah, I mean glued. Like some numbnut superglued that thing in the middle of my windshield.  What? Am I talking too fast for you, dude? Sue-Per-Gla-Ooooooo. Continue reading Bikini Girl Found

Rain, Rain, Go Away

The sound of thunder like the war hammers of Norse gods had awoken Jan. As he tried to wake Inger, the folds and whorls of the coal black clouds surged ever closer. Lightning raced across the front, casting brief flickers of illumination across the field. Continue reading Rain, Rain, Go Away

Encountering Infinity

Straining, I budged the dugout up on the rocky beach. As I raised my head and stretched my back, I scanned the beach again for any sign of threat.

Kah was already under a large tree, making the evening fire. Poa, as always, sat next to him gutting the fish we’d caught today. My stomach grumbled at the thought. I couldn’t see Houa, but knew she’d be gathering wood nearby. We each knew our part of our routine—the routine of survival.

Leaning into the dugout, I picked up my spear and grabbed the water bladders. We’d come ashore here because Kah had spotted the waterfall cascading over a small cliff. When wandering alien lands, the basics of survival take priority. Continue reading Encountering Infinity