Monthly Archives: September 2014

Bikini Girl Found

Well, the other day before I went into the store to stock shelves and do inventory—the normal thrill routine—I found an envelope glued to my windshield. Yeah, I mean glued. Like some numbnut superglued that thing in the middle of my windshield.  What? Am I talking too fast for you, dude? Sue-Per-Gla-Ooooooo. Continue reading Bikini Girl Found


Encountering Infinity

Straining, I budged the dugout up on the rocky beach. As I raised my head and stretched my back, I scanned the beach again for any sign of threat.

Kah was already under a large tree, making the evening fire. Poa, as always, sat next to him gutting the fish we’d caught today. My stomach grumbled at the thought. I couldn’t see Houa, but knew she’d be gathering wood nearby. We each knew our part of our routine—the routine of survival.

Leaning into the dugout, I picked up my spear and grabbed the water bladders. We’d come ashore here because Kah had spotted the waterfall cascading over a small cliff. When wandering alien lands, the basics of survival take priority. Continue reading Encountering Infinity