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The Eggucation of Esmee

He gave Esmee the afternoon of the Queen’s birthday off. She didn’t deserve it, but she’d asked. Many times.

“I’ll accompany you,” he informed her.

She blinked. “Oh, you don’t have—”


He locked the shop door. “Come along.” Continue reading The Eggucation of Esmee


Steampunk Fairy Tales, Vol. 3

Steampunk-Fairy-Tales-3-400x625The third volume of Steampunk Fairy Tales is up for preorder on Amazon. This is a collection of nine stories. Each is based on a fairy tale and has been reworked to fit in with a steampunk motif. Included is my own story, Out of the Tower, which is a retelling of the well-known Rapunzel fairy tale.

As an extra bonus, grab a free copy of Steampunk Fairy Tales, Vol. 2 for a limited time. And, Volume 1 is permanently free.

Hope you enjoy the new book.