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Hidden Moments

You never know what you are going to find in someone’s junk drawer, I guess. Dad had misplaced his reading glasses—as an avid reader, this was a major catastrophe for him— and so I had come over to help search his apartment. It wasn’t a big place, so I figured it couldn’t take all that long. Continue reading Hidden Moments


Something New

I sit in the shattered gable of the dark abandoned house. I am hungry, hunting. The moon is a bright crescent in the cloudless sky, providing me ample light. Patience is my watchword. I have chosen new grounds tonight. Slowly I turn my head watching for movement. Continue reading Something New


This is a revision of a previous post. The revised part is the ending of the story, which I believe fits the spirit of the assignment of Writing 201: Finding Your Key Moment. The previous draft was terse and left much of what Irina was feeling at that point of the story up to the reader’s imagination. In this revision, I have tried to slow down that key moment of the story and convey her feelings more directly. Continue reading Outwitted

Under the Floor

They didn’t know what they’d find when they started pulling up the floorboards in the old house they were renovating. Not that anyone would normally expect to find anything unusual really. Certainly, you’d expect to find dirt, dead bugs, and the like. And, then there is the uncommon but explainable. A coin or a poker chip that a child wedged into a gap in the air duct, listening to it roll between the joists, gone from them forever. Continue reading Under the Floor

Captain Penzmer’s Fate

The Umdeshai Gorge was where the mighty Ahl cut through the mountains of Bahari from the Kingdom of Ishd to the plains of Urkardi-Om. The small village of Kavranen sat near the middle of the navigable branch of  the river through the Gorge in a small valley, a green cleft between tightly packed mountains. Here, the brightly painted stores, inns, and cottages of the villagers perched on rocky outcrops and benches of varying heights above the flood line of the mighty river. The people of Kavranen, for the most part, lived symbiotically from the trade that traversed up and down the Ahl. The port of call was perhaps the most visited along the long journey through the Gorge. Continue reading Captain Penzmer’s Fate