I’m Eric Schweitz. I am an engineer and I live in Oregon with my family. The stories here are my original fictions, responses to writing prompts, goofy attempts at levity, etc. I hope you enjoy them.

One good question I’ve received is “Why?” as in “Why did I create this blog?” One answer to that  question is that I believe stories are an integral part of the human condition. Storytelling is not only a human activity, but it shapes so much of what it means to be human. A picture may convey a thousand words, but a great story can convey a kaleidoscope of nuanced ideas, allowing each reader to expand and exercise their own imagination. Another answer is simply to have a little fun and practice writing.

If you enjoyed the posts here, you might want to check out my other blog, which is intended as more silly “kid friendly” sorts of writings.

12 thoughts on “About

  1. G’day Grey
    Unexpectedly I finding myself overseas with limited PC time, means it being what it is 🙂 … do I post, read or comment? … albeit I do thank you for your visit and like, both very much appreciated, once I return to Aus I will start doing the rounds to catch upon everyone’s page

  2. This morning I’m just bouncing around, one blog leading to another and finding a few to add to my reader to be able to go back and read more I have 2 blogs. One is very serious, often sad and a labor of love. I am now writing a book based on it so I am reading so much more of what others write, in an effort to learn new things and new ways to convey a thought. My other blog is my relief from intensity and a place to write about other things. So today I found you and gladly added you to my growing list of “follows”.

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