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Free Write Day 19

20140622_125413Writing 101 Day 19 is another free writing day.

I hike. One foot in front of the other. It is a hot day, but surprisingly not that humid. The air is thick with bugs. One buzzes around my ear and I wave a hand to shoo it away. Temporarily. It’ll be back in a few seconds. It is a bug. Continue reading Free Write Day 19

Mrs. Pauley’s Eviction

Another hot day is on order for today, I realize as I sit here on the steps of our apartment. Mom left for her early job hours ago, while I was still asleep. I suppose she woke me up on the way out; she usually does — whispers that she is leaving and kisses me on the head as I sleep on the sofa in the family room. But, I don’t remember this morning that clearly to be honest, so I am just guessing. Continue reading Mrs. Pauley’s Eviction