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Kansas Girl

God, family, farm, prairie, wheat, big sky, harvest: these are some of the things that have shaped me. I have been walking in the wheat, my thoughts for company, as I turn to watch my father and brother running the combine over the field. The wheat is being harvested of course. It is that Continue reading Kansas Girl


At the Fence

Photo prompt

This prompt is from Friday Fictioneers.


October mornings in western Washington are foggy, wet affairs. Today was no different as I pulled on my boots and rain gear and took Bella, my loyal black lab, for our morning walk. Low clouds oozed over the wetlands. I let Bella decide our path, as I usually do. She headed down the hill, barking, tail beating furiously, enthusiasm uncontained and on display to anyone truly listening. I followed her down to the fence. Stopping, I soaked up the beauty. The fence. A simple man-made barrier, easily overcome. A metaphor. Obstacles of the mind to cross, relationships to be mended.

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I remember that night I found you in my garage, sitting on dad’s old rickety wooden chair, sobbing, alone, hiding. A thousand times since I’ve asked myself what I could have said or done differently. Best friends forever. That’s what we promised each other. It came late to me, yet I realize now that forever for me will be haunted. Your cries, your anguish. My begging you to tell me what was wrong. My failure. Continue reading Invisibility