Ooo-ooo Aah-aah and Ay

Leveling field where we play
Thin air baby can’t stay
Detailing devil work to pay
Ooo-ooo aah-aah and ay

Hiding open in the me
Ruling golden a door key
Loving cold stone in a sea
Keeping soul and body free

Cutting your jib at night
Somehow feeling all’s right
Stealing thunder from might
Firing good fire to fight

Longing tooth living fair day
Lights burn hot on Broadway
Roughing diamonds in dismay
Ooo-ooo aah-aah and ay

Courting kangaroos and green tea
Talking no turkey to me
Waving bull and red cape see
Living empty alone is we

Ooo-ooo aah-aah and ay
No more to unsay
Ooo-ooo aah-aah and ay
Ooo-ooo aah-aah and ay

Picture is by Fred Veenkamp.


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