Monthly Archives: September 2016


The old people lived out in the country. Where it was boring. Where her friends didn’t. The mention of a visit cut like a hangman’s noose. Grayson’s stomach twisted in knots. “I don’t want to go.”

“It’s only for the weekend.”

“You can’t leave me there.”

Grayson folded her arms. Telephone poles pulsed by. Hopefully, they’d never get there. Continue reading Generous


Light bends around darkness, weaving a cosmos on a loom beyond ken. Here and now, darkness slithers closer. It’s tongue flickers toward the window of her inextinguishable soul.

Does she notice? Perception: a personal vantage. Sight and experience. Angles and patterns. On what do her gray eyes linger?

Perhaps she sees fear or awe. A child’s excitement. A cherished dream from her youth reflected in your inadvertent actions, hidden in windows shuttered by shadow. Continue reading Eclipse