Monthly Archives: March 2015

Wharf Rats

The old dock groaned beneath him, a wooden creature breathing to the pulse of the waves below. Stretched out, he returned to his book during this break in work. The summer sun felt like a hot iron on his back. Continue reading Wharf Rats


Queenstown Passage

I had taken a small room in Queenstown for a single night. It was barely more than a cupboard, but it was sufficient for my needs, which were few to none. I was only too happy to pay Mrs. O’Brien my last shilling for any dry space. I’d have slept standing up in the corner of her kitchen, like a broomstick, if nothing else had been available. The day had been gloomy, but that night had been a howling storm.

This was the beginning of a passage from one life into another. I planned to embark on the Minnesota on the morrow for my new life in New York. My dearest Ireland would disappear; dreams, stolen by recent misfortune, crashed about my head. Excitement and—I will admit—fear jangled nerves raw as I tossed. Mr. Sullivan quaked the floor with a sound like a rough saw through hardwood from the neighboring room. Sleep had skipped passed me this last evening. Continue reading Queenstown Passage

Hiking Rails

A path of stone and rails of steel run away into the abundant green of summer. Liesl is lost in the rhythm. Doesn’t notice as I stop, take a sip from my canteen. Unkas pauses briefly, then pads on.

Birds flick by overhead. The haze burns off, promising more heat.

It is Sunday morning and our sojourn will come to an end. The madness of business resumes tomorrow. Our respite flies to the vault of memory. Continue reading Hiking Rails