The Big Lie

The little Yew took root on a hillside. The soil was rich and loamy. The rain was plentiful and soft. The sunshine bright and warm.

One day the Crow landed on the little Yew. The Yew asked the Crow: “Who are you and what do you want?”

The Crow cawed, “I am your father and I will protect you from the evil light and malignant rain, Yew,” and he placed a stone next to the Yew. The Crow did this day after day until the little Yew was almost completely buried in stones. Every day, the Crow told the Yew the same.

A great, magnificent Lion walked by and saw the sad little Yew, with only a few sparse leaves clinging to the tips of its otherwise barren, gnarled branches. The state of the Yew perplexed the Lion. “What has happened here, Yew?” asked the Lion.

“My good father, Crow, has decided to protect me from evil light and malignant rain,” answered the Yew. “He has graciously surrounded me in a fortress of stone so that they cannot hurt me.”

The Lion shook his great golden mane. “Poor Yew. The Crow is neither good nor the true Father. He is but a servant of Deceit. Speak Truth. There is no fortress of stone.”


Copyright © 2014 – Eric Schweitz

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