Taking a Hike


Standing in a valley, in a field of wild flowers, surrounded by alpine forest, further circumscribed by soaring snow-capped peaks, listening to a biting-cold babbling brook as it tumbles over rocks nearby, can give one majestic perspective. A clarity and assurance that can only be found by following the fork in one’s trail through life that leads back to nature. It is a path away from saccharine civilization, away from all the artifices of humanity. The manifold delusions of money and puckering for posteriors, those that suck the life out of honesty, truth, love, justice, and even reason itself, have never had a place here. To be small, an infinitesimal speck on the canvas, to behold the truly magnificent, is to understand belonging and being. To know in one’s heart that they have a place in the grandest vista, unsoiled by and unconcerned with the weaknesses and failings of the broken individual under the judging microscope of greasy, distorted so-called normality, is a view through the smaller, better end of the telescope, to grasp peace and, yes, happiness. Today, I am taking a hike, my freedom rediscovered, my sanity restored.


Copyright © 2014 – Eric Schweitz



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