Sabine Arrives Home

Doesn’t it always happen like this? I am at home at our apartment and looking at the clock. It is time to go. So, I get my car keys, rush into my office to turn off my laptop, and the phone starts ringing.

I wonder if that is Sabine? I ask myself. I pick it up and say, “Hello?”

The voice is that of my boss. Oh, this can’t get good, I think.

He is sorry to bother me but needs some information right away. He is with a VIP customer. Right now. I reopen the laptop that I had just turned off and try to get him the information. Microsoft has just decided the stars have aligned perfectly right now. This is the most optimal time to begin installing all the latest 5 thousand random patches and updates. Palm meet forehead. I can’t login. I get to watch numbers increment from 0 to 100 with no relationship to time in my universe.

“Yeah, I’m looking for it. My machine is updating though,” I say. Damn, I think.

Anxious, I finally get the information, communicate it to my boss, make the VIP customer happy. I hang up and break into a sprint to the car.

I try to get to the train station to pick up Sabine, but every light turns red as I approach. That’s it. I’m dead. She’s going to kill me.

I needed to be early to find a parking spot, but I’m late. Finally, I find a parking spot. Running into the train station, I don’t see her. Where is she? I wonder.

As I reach in my pocket to pull out my cell, I see her standing there with her luggage on the street.

I breath. Seeing her waiting there is like magic. One moment, I am freaking out. The next, I can’t stop smiling. “Sabine!” I yell.


Copyright © 2014  Eric Schweitz

Picture is copyright by Raul Lieberwirth.
Linked via The Write Prompts.

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