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A Morning in Porto

15205484855_f79a646fba_zIt’s Saturday morning and I hear the sounds of Porto outside the hotel window. The city greets a new morning, while you burrow further under the duvet. I open the curtains further and look out. A bicycle and rider zip past at break-neck speed, half airborne over the cobbles, heading downhill toward the Douro river. I smile into the cool morning air.

I hear you roll over behind me. “You’re awake.” It sounds half accusation, half disbelief. Continue reading A Morning in Porto

Crack the Sky

Heavy rains falter; the promenade is awash with the runoff of deluge. Soggy bike tires hum, squeegee forward. Before us the sun explodes forth, cracking the sky. A last evening ride in la Cota d’Azur.

With the smell of rain and sea and the golden light reflecting above and below, there is closure.  Moods rise and fall as melodies, delightful to dark, back again. Continue reading Crack the Sky