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Overdue Goodbyes

You never heard it at the time, of course. But, you were the sunshine of 8 a.m. freshman calculus class. All easy smiles, quick laughs, and bright eyes sitting next to me.

You never acknowledged the scowls and leers the other boys gave us, setting your sights on a certain unworldly someone instead.

You were always there with a ready question or small talk afterward in the breezeway. Continue reading Overdue Goodbyes

Bottle and Glass

“I suppose that’s it.” Angus shoveled the student exams in his worn satchel, then rammed the cap on the red pen.

“Aye.” I took another sip of the overly hoppy beer. The place still smelled of fresh paint.

“You’ve made plans then?”

I shrugged. Students entered Continue reading Bottle and Glass