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Relaxing on the River

Stress kills. He needed to get away. Relax. Enjoy life. Business would go on without him for one day.

He hadn’t been to the park in forever. Not since family picnics.

He’d read about how the Continue reading Relaxing on the River

Captain Penzmer’s Fate

The Umdeshai Gorge was where the mighty Ahl cut through the mountains of Bahari from the Kingdom of Ishd to the plains of Urkardi-Om. The small village of Kavranen sat near the middle of the navigable branch of  the river through the Gorge in a small valley, a green cleft between tightly packed mountains. Here, the brightly painted stores, inns, and cottages of the villagers perched on rocky outcrops and benches of varying heights above the flood line of the mighty river. The people of Kavranen, for the most part, lived symbiotically from the trade that traversed up and down the Ahl. The port of call was perhaps the most visited along the long journey through the Gorge. Continue reading Captain Penzmer’s Fate