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After the Humans

After the humans left this land, we became the masters again. It was before my time, of course, so I do not know much about the humans. I do know that they exist, as I have seen them out in the forest, running about in their noisy, stinking machines. It is hard to believe that creatures so oblivious could have built so much and left it all behind.

Howls echo down the canyon between the ghostly warren of dens. I go to an opening, jump carefully on a mossy ledge, listen and sniff the air. It smells like rain. The wind blows the trees in the canyon and the sounds of the howls are diminished, though I adjust my ears to focus on the alarm. Something across the way rattles and bangs in the breeze. The howling is from further away. I suspect the old amusement park. I decide that it doesn’t concern me and jump down from the ledge. Continue reading After the Humans