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Old Dusty Desk

He drew the blinds open to peer out the picture window. There had been a thump outside. What could have made such a noise?

The glare was bright and stung his old eyes, beating him back a pace. A shaking hand slowly rose to block out the pain.

Watery eyes reacted, pupils contracted. A goldfinch bounced on a branch in the breeze.

Such an amazing little creature. It sang, happy and free. He listened.

A nagging ensued. It was the arthritis in shriveled knees. Stupid bird. What was he doing here? He shuffled away, back to the old dusty desk. Continue reading Old Dusty Desk

At the Fence

Photo prompt

This prompt is from Friday Fictioneers.


October mornings in western Washington are foggy, wet affairs. Today was no different as I pulled on my boots and rain gear and took Bella, my loyal black lab, for our morning walk. Low clouds oozed over the wetlands. I let Bella decide our path, as I usually do. She headed down the hill, barking, tail beating furiously, enthusiasm uncontained and on display to anyone truly listening. I followed her down to the fence. Stopping, I soaked up the beauty. The fence. A simple man-made barrier, easily overcome. A metaphor. Obstacles of the mind to cross, relationships to be mended.

(100 words)