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A cold draft blew through the room. He drew his coat tighter and pulled his hands farther into the cuffs. The drapes rippled.

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Everything had fallen apart for Sergo. Bloody Sunday felt like yesterday to him. He shook his head. Four years had passed, and what had been accomplished? His dreams of building his factory drifted away like gun smoke.

Nothing was left, but the endless bickering. He was now certain that the party existed merely for its own division into countless factions. At some point, each of them would be arguing with themselves, each man forming and joining several of his own imaginary revolutionary factions. It was hopeless, madness. Marx talked of people coming together, not taking turns stabbing each other in the back. Continue reading Kirillov

And Your Enemies Closer

Keep your friends close is what my Aunt Tia used to say, though it was never clear to me whether she knew what a friend was. Or wasn’t. That summer day that I first came to visit with her in that steaming little town in Georgia — the day it was so hot the fire ants had heat stroke — in her little brick ranch house under the tall pines was the day I learned about Eunice. Continue reading And Your Enemies Closer