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Encountering Infinity

Straining, I budged the dugout up on the rocky beach. As I raised my head and stretched my back, I scanned the beach again for any sign of threat.

Kah was already under a large tree, making the evening fire. Poa, as always, sat next to him gutting the fish we’d caught today. My stomach grumbled at the thought. I couldn’t see Houa, but knew she’d be gathering wood nearby. We each knew our part of our routine—the routine of survival.

Leaning into the dugout, I picked up my spear and grabbed the water bladders. We’d come ashore here because Kah had spotted the waterfall cascading over a small cliff. When wandering alien lands, the basics of survival take priority. Continue reading Encountering Infinity


This is a revision of a previous post. The revised part is the ending of the story, which I believe fits the spirit of the assignment of Writing 201: Finding Your Key Moment. The previous draft was terse and left much of what Irina was feeling at that point of the story up to the reader’s imagination. In this revision, I have tried to slow down that key moment of the story and convey her feelings more directly. Continue reading Outwitted


All that she could think about was escaping. Jean-Claude had been such a charmer initially, she had fallen for him hard. The trip to Martinique promised to be something special. Her friend Maureen hinted at ‘a proposal’ being in the works and they giggled together.

That had all changed quickly. Irina learned that Jean-Claude was a fraud, a con man. The tickets had been purchased on a former girlfriend’s credit card and he needed to get out of the country fast. Continue reading Outwitted