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Torsn may not have been a man yet, but he had no use for the old seer’s riddles. What could a cripple know of gods? The ragged cloak smelled of smoke, the breath even ranker. “Torsn of Turl, forsaken not you.”

When they came, it sounded like a rockslide. The sleepy village stood Continue reading Superstition


Moms are magic. I imagine other moms are like mine, the embodiment of magic.

Sunlight stutters through overhanging trees, leaves rustling in the summer breeze. The warmth nurses my arthritic bones.

My siblings and I not only received our lives, but we were shaped and directed by mom’s beliefs, her choices. Who would I be if not for this magic? Certainly not myself, not a writer.

Children play in the park fountain. Happiness nourishes me from peels of unfettered joy.

A squirrel glides and pauses across the lawn. Her gait is blemished, and I realize she is old, like me. Continue reading Legacy