“Oh, c’mon. You have to go.” Marcie huffed.

Arjen licked his lips.

“The band is super popular. They’re lit. Everyone loves them.”

He sighed. “I’ve never heard of them.”

Marcie shook her hands in the air. “What’s wrong with you? Are you allergic to fun?”

“I don’t like crowds.”

Marcie rolled her eyes. Samantha snickered.

Arjen’s face burned. Maybe if Sam’s going, he could deal.

“I … well.” He shrugged.

“Here, I’ve got one ticket left. It’s yours for ten bucks.”

Arjen glanced at Sam. She nodded.

He fished around in his wallet. “Where should we meet?”

“Oh, we’re not going.”

Picture is copyright by joebrian. (100 words)

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