Roz Savage

Waves beat a tempo on the hull. A steady rhythm that drives back self-doubt, strips away bit by bit at perceptions I once held about my life.

Oars lashed down, I lean back and switch off my headlamp. Calloused fingers fish the power bar out of a pocket and make quick work of the plastic wrapping. My body craves the calories.

Above me across the heavens, the Milky Way spreads its ancient cosmic glow. I am alone, adrift between distant shores, and suspended beyond time amid ocean and infinity. This moment is forever mine, and I am one with it.

Picture is copyright by Burt Lum. Daily post prompt. (100 words)

4 thoughts on “Roz Savage

  1. This really caught my attention. Flesh out your character, allow us to know him and you have the start of a wonderful story. In my opinion.

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