Here he is, meet Walter, he was raised up on a farm
His pawpaw taught him to fear Jesus and never do no harm
Walter loved his mama, fried chicken, and fishing too
Pawpaw taught him about honor and sacrifice
Noble ideas worth a fight, son. They’d cost his left arm

Now I suppose everyone starts out about the same way
Some folks grind the gears and bounce down the highway
While others no doubt ride smooth rails of silver spoons
Life on the farm was full of bumps and bruises and pain
But Walter knew love and his heart there would stay

It was on his 18th birthday, when he got the call
Drafted he would do his part to stop the domino fall
It was something that stung forever the memory of that day
Pawpaw was laid in a pine box in the red Georgia clay
Sometimes the potholes are deep and life will nearly stall

But that was all long ago, so let us jump on to today
Here she is, meet Walter’s wife, her name is Agnes May
They married when he got back from that war
They led a simple life, raised a daughter, played in the surf
Cancer chose his little princess, to God she went away

Now see Walter with the tear in his cobalt eye
He stands among the throng, having never told a lie
Agnes May needs medicine for her heart, he crokes
I’ve got a fixed income, the cancer done made us broke
But to you, I’m just an useless old man, some sort of joke
You play your idiot games, golden goose power trips
And what of us, your constituency, standing here?
— Agnes May will surely die
Be smug and unkind, but know God will ask you why
— My wife will surely die


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