Simon shivered. Waves knocked against planks beneath his sodden feet. He swiped his dripping hair aside.

“It was an accident,” she repeated. Lamplight reflected from dark liquid eyes.

She’d knocked him overboard, he knew. He looked at the old man who’d just fished him out. “Thank you, Father McNary.”

Isabella’s gloved hands fidgeted in her lap. “You believe me? I didn’t mean it.”

The old man reached beneath the seat and retrieved an oar.

Quick as a cobra the blade shot out, striking Isabella square. His fiancée tumbled overboard, a single splash, and was gone.

“Better off now. You’ll see.”

Picture is copyright by Putneypics. (100 words)


1 thought on “Rowboat

  1. Oh my goodness! Great minds think alike. I am getting ready to publish a short story collection and one of the stories is about a woman who kills her husband with a paddle in during a river excursion – “A Patient Woman.” Thanks so much for following my blog. Welcome to the fence jumpers! @sheilamgood at Cow Pasture Chronicles

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