We are all waters coursing into the unknown future. Each of us travels a unique path, the story of one’s life. A life, I shall measure, not in years, but in relationships, love.

Depression took my young friend’s life, his short journey ending in heartbreak. Questions with no answers.

His path crossed so many others, and mine often. We are rich with memories: singing, skating, camping, playing, hiking, sledding, laughing to name only a few. None shall forget his restless, infectious energy, his enthusiasm and determined pursuit of friendships and fun.

In quieter moments, his heart, generosity, and empathy for others stand out as knots, where the thread of his life bound to others most tightly. More memories: listening, talking, joking, smiling, advice given and, yes, received. Our conversations, whether in the stands at a game or on a snow covered stump in the Oregon woods, will always be remembered dearly as those of a true, honest friendship.

It was a blessing to see and be seen by you, my friend.

Meet you on the other side.

Picture is copyright by Jan Arendtsz.

National Alliance on Mental Illness


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