“Hi, Naomi.”

“Oh, hi, Zoe.” Naomi nodded to her companion. “Zoe this is my lab partner Denise. Zoe is my roommate.”

“Nice to meet you.”

“You too.”

“We were going to Susie’s for some lunch. Wanna come?” Naomi asked.

Zoe grinned. “Absolutely! I’m starving.”

They headed down the street together.

“I’ve been craving a Houdini.”

Denise raised her eyebrows. “Houdini?”

“You’ve never had one?”

Denise shook her head.

“She’s never been to Susie’s.”

“You’re going to love it! It’s super healthy.”

After they ordered, Denise took a bite of her Houdini. “Oh my God!”

“What is it?”

“A bloody tomato!”

Photo is copyright by byronv2.

Daily Post prompt.

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