Walmart paid the bills, but it was never on Vicki’s shortlist. She closed her eyes and imagined a different life.

The door swung open at her touch. Mom and Tim sat at the kitchen table.

Vicki took a deep breath. Let it out. “I quit my job, Mom.” But her eyes never left Tim’s.

There was a spark there. Anger?

“What? Vicki, you can’t just quit your job.” Mom stood. The chair squawked across linoleum. Vicki looked at her mom. “Did something happen?”


Tim coughed.

“What will you do?”

“I gotta go. Dad arranged it. I’m joining the rodeo.”

Photo is copyright by Chris Peters.

Daily Post prompt.

3 thoughts on “Clarity

  1. I love this so much. You’ve said so much in very few words. I especially love how she looks at Tim, and not her mother when she breaks the news, indicating their strained relationship. Wonderful writing.

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