“Don’t you wanna do it?”

George had cracked. Where’d he come up with this girl? “I dunno. Whaz in ‘ere?”

Melanie pouted at that, hands on hips. “Playing with me, are you?”

Sean’s eyes stretched wide. What the? “I … um, hunh?”

She pulled on the window bars. “Ugh!”

“I don’t…”

Melanie surveyed the building, holding her tongue between her lips. Finally, she nodded. “Don’t just stand there, luv, gimme a boost.”

Sean scanned for George with a camera. OK, Melanie was perky, spontaneous, and insanely hot. As ordered, but c’mon! A blind date with a cat burglar wearing high heels?

Picture is copyright by Laure McGalloway.

Daily Post prompt. (100 words)



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