Athena’s Hero

Back a step, parry, back another. The minotaur’s hammer blows rained down. Splinters of shield showered over his face. His elbow burned, his unfeeling hand went slack.

Why have you forsaken me, Athena?

Piercing blue eyes shown through acrid smoke. Consciousness slid out beyond himself, searching for completeness in time out of time. Where am I?

“Not yet, my hero.” He tasted pomegranates, felt honeyed hair, shared a goddess’ breath.

He folded back into himself. Strength returned to muscles.

The war hammer remained aloft, stilled.

“Strike now!” Athena’s words floated in smoky gauze.

Lunging forward, he swung his murderous falcata.

Picture is copyright by Wally Gobetz. (100 words)


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