Butterfly Kisses

The dry spell caused our pond to dry up. Grandpa cruised the cracked mud muttering, “It’s never been like this before.” It was drought in the rain forest.

Einstein came to the meeting. “I have a solution,” he proclaimed. “We will climb a tree and determine where the pond has gone.”

“I’m no monkey.”

“Nor I a bird.”

Einstein was determined. “Follow me.”

He found a tree. We climbed up and up.

Butterflies drifted past. “Turtles in trees!”

“We’ve lost our pond.”

“No ponds around here!”

Einstein sighed. “Please teach us to fly?”

“Poor turtles.” She kissed him for luck.

This story is a drabble, exactly 100 words.

Picture is copyright by 90568910@N02.

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