Just Plain Too Good

“I found it!” she shrieked. She held up her phone.

I spilled coffee. “Found what?”

“Check it out. Only $15 a month. Holy cheesecakes! I’ll be able to buy gas for my car!” She bounced like a ping-pong ball on sugar.

“$15 a month? That’s a typo. No way, Nadine.”

She twirled and swung her arms like a spaz.

I frowned.

“I’m calling!” Her excitement contagious, my hopes were ticking upwards. “Hi, yeah. My boyfriend and I need an apartment. … Really? Is it still available? … Yay!”

She hung up. “Score!”

We raced over. There was only one catch: some abseiling was required.

(100 words)

Prompt from Tales of a Charm City Chick

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