A lifetime ago for you was not so long for me. Small and perfect, your wide eyes searched as you bounced upon my knee. With a blink the arrow flight shoots forward, first one then three.

Flashlights say “Ah!” as Stuffapontafant stomps a pea. A story to make laughter fill homes, hearts and souls.

Igloos and sleds. Islands and dirt bombs. New leaves green or old red, the seasons string on. Coloring books to paint—paints to mix black—Ariel to Madeline.

A sunny day by a swimming pool. Light sparkles on waves, clear and happy. Dogs bark, and wind tickles fields of daffodils in bursting brilliant bloom.

Time passes and daughters become older, wiser, apart. Outward facing. They know it’s the way of life, to become their own bow.

Seeking, always searching. To go farther and move out. Fortunes of a full life await for any with the fortitude to stretch further and dance higher, to do what could not be done. The little minnow who could swim the sea.

Deep down the silent teddy bear still sits inside, his steady brown eyes stare. Cuddling needed and perhaps a little thread bare. Still I can see him with you now, out of mind but always there.

A lifetime ago is but a fleeting instant. Risked is setting free. Someday the lifetime will be another’s, and you will see as me.


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