Bikini Girl Found

Well, the other day before I went into the store to stock shelves and do inventory—the normal thrill routine—I found an envelope glued to my windshield. Yeah, I mean glued. Like some numbnut superglued that thing in the middle of my windshield.  What? Am I talking too fast for you, dude? Sue-Per-Gla-Ooooooo.

Look man, that’s not even the interesting part.

Are you done? Seriously.

So, anyway, I ripped this gray envelope off my windshield and got sort of fired up when the back of the envelope stayed on the window. So, I was going to wad it up and throw it in the trash can over there, and probably kick the trash can several times on account of the superglue, you know, bro?

But that’s when I saw that there was something in the envelope. So I took it out and read this letter. Yeah, it was a letter. Anyway. Man, let me finish, ‘kay? So the letter said:

I misplaced a bikini clad girl at a lake. I don’t have time to remember which lake. Sort of in a hurry to move to Colorado. Need to hash things out.

Of course, that’s what it said. Would I make that up?

What? Twilight Zone? Never heard of it. Were my eyes rolling? Really?

Any. Way.

As I was saying, I got this note and I thought. How many lakes can there be around here anyway? So, my stupid iphone told my 16.25 lakes were nearby and I figured I’d start looking. I mean it was daytime and I had nothing else pressing.

Man! You guessed! Yes, I found the bikini girl. Only took a couple hours.

Course I got her number, bro. How would I know? Why don’t you go see if there is an envelope superglued to your moped? Sheesh.

Say, got any idea how to get superglue off glass?


Picture linked via Writing My Legacy.

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