Something New

I sit in the shattered gable of the dark abandoned house. I am hungry, hunting. The moon is a bright crescent in the cloudless sky, providing me ample light. Patience is my watchword. I have chosen new grounds tonight. Slowly I turn my head watching for movement.

There. Something scurried. Yes, a rat.

Wait. More movement further away. Something bigger on what’s left of a leaning picket fence. Another hunter, a cat, spying the same prey? I wait silently. Watching.

It is edging closer to our prey. Still more movement. This one is quick, big, lethal. Cat is exposed, unaware. In a flash, coyote storms over the fence, his jaws snap deadly, efficient. Cat’s cry is cut short, carried away.

Shaken, I hoot at the moon. So quick and coyote has vanished. A dream?

My focus returns to the rat. I swoop down silently from above to catch my meal.

Written per Amelia’s challenge from Putting Words Together (150 words exactly)

3 thoughts on “Something New

    1. Moin Wendy,
      I guess the twist with the coyote is not going to go over well with any cat lovers. Still, coyotes preying on small house pets is not an uncommon thing where I am from. At least the barn owl doesn’t go hungry.

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