Something Old

The winds of the sandstorm had howled and screamed for days so loudly that his ears were still ringing. Throughout, the storm had been all consuming black, suffocating the sun completely. Their only light had been the stash of candles.

Saha rolled off the dusty pallet and lit a candle now. The light at once piercing and welcome. “Has it stopped?” Her tone awed, incredulous.

He levered himself up to his feet. “Shall we?”

She nodded. They looked at the hatch. Afraid, cautious, yet curious.


He heaved on the stuck handle with all his strength. Finally, there was movement and grating, grinding as the handle disengaged. The hatches on these shelters opened inwards. He sprang back as hot sand and grit rushed in, tearing the metal hatch from his grasp.

Saha watched it cascade onto her lover’s boots, exposing the remains of their old, now hopelessly mangled, flier.


Response to Amelia’s Challenge, Putting Words Together (150 words exactly)

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