Textwalking London Girls

Three young women, friends, walked along the Thames. The sun was shining, a pleasant day in London. None of them spoke to the others. They walked quickly down the walk, unaware of their surroundings, each immersed in another universe, the world inside her smartphone. One texted her mum. One texted her sister. One texted her boyfriend. And so, on they went.

It was almost time for lunch she realized looking at the clock on her phone, Big Ben frowning down from above. She brought up an app, pinpointing her location and the nearest restaurants without having to look up. She thought one looked plausible. She cut and pasted it, silently texted it to her friends half a pace behind.

She stopped. Had nearly stepped off a curb in front of a cabbie, a meeting with an early demise having been narrowly averted. Her phone buzzed and she looked back down, unfazed by close calls.

“K,” she read.

The Write Prompts


2 thoughts on “Textwalking London Girls

    1. Sad truth of modern life. People are often so busy trying to multitask (being distracted by their pocket technology) they are oblivious to their surroundings.
      With the photo prompt, I assumed these young women were a group together then I wondered why they weren’t in the now, talking to each other.
      Thanks, as always, Wendy for reading and commenting.

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