Light at the End of the Tunnel

Every weekday morning she walked from her small apartment to the office building downtown. It was just part of her morning routine now. Getting up, taking a quick shower, getting dressed, grabbing a muffin or some fresh fruit from her small galley, and walking across the city to work.

It was late autumn and the leaves that were changing colors were now falling and blowing about in the cool wind. She enjoyed this time of year. The cool temperatures revived her and she felt exhilarated this morning. She passed many other pedestrians on the street, some dressed for summer heat, some for an imagined imminent blizzard, and others like herself. Bicycles whizzed past. The sound of automobile engines filled the air, as did their exhaust. She walked on, holding her bag tight against her body.

The secretarial job in Copenhagen was not a dream job for Ilse. Not by a long shot. She descended the stairs down into the tunnel under the busy boulevard.

She was on autopilot, not really thinking about Copenhagen, the city that surrounded her life so completely. She daydreamed of her upcoming life. This was Friday. Her last day. The opportunity had presented itself and she had crossed her fingers and taken the leap. She was nervous but couldn’t stop smiling.

Her apartment was mostly packed, of course. Her brother was coming by tomorrow to take most of her things and help her put them in storage. And, she had her last minute packing to do as well.

She’d have to text Anna, she thought walking through the tunnel. Her best friend had already caught the flight to New York yesterday. It was still the middle of the night there, right? Anna had left earlier and Ilse would catch up to her and her boyfriend in a few days.

Ilse walked towards the light at the end of the tunnel. She shivered with her hard-to-contain excitement. She really couldn’t believe it. She was moving to Costa Rica! She imagined the warm salty breakers and riding her surfboard into shore in pursuit of happiness.

Copyright © 2014   Eric A. Schweitz

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