The timing was poor. Still it couldn’t go on as it had. She woke up and realized the person she had become was empty, a hollow shell. It had to be done. Maybe he would understand someday. Or not.

She owed him a face-to-face, so she called on the phone. He said he would be right over, unsuspecting she thought.

He could tell she was upset, and then she just dropped her bomb. “I need to be alone. I can’t stay here. I never belonged here,” she said, giving him the ring.

He didn’t say anything. His head snapped back like he had been physically slapped, but he just took the ring. He looked at the diamond, then at her. “Yeah. We were a mistake. I knew your wanderlust was greater than your love for me. For a while now.”

It was her turn to be shocked then. She wondered if he was more than she had thought. Doubt knocked on her door.

He kicked a rock with his old dusty cowboy boot. “Later,” he said.

He walked away. She didn’t go after him.

Flash Fic Round 3
(184 words)

Copyright © 2014  Eric Schweitz

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