Writing 101 wants us to write about a personal fear using a different style.

Fear rhymes with ear and hangs out with scary who is the brother of Harry, a kid that lived down the street from the house that my step-cousin lived in, the house with the gabled eaves and that was painted green in the back and orange in the front. That house had amazing street appeal to the blind let us say, but not too loudly as one of the cardinal rules is to never talk too loudly in a place where a baby might be sleeping and we don’t really know who may be sleeping where or with whom. Sleeping and fear ride together on nightmares, which are also related to scary like a brother by another mother sort of relationship but we don’t have time to think of all the possibilities in this post since we are trying to stay laser focused and all that noise. Now fear is a four letter word – no, no, not that sort of four letter word – just a word with four letters sort of four letter word, which is neither long nor ridiculously short, though it is a bit on the short side of length but evenly balanced in terms of consonants and vowels, at least in English, which is good because I am writing in English and you are reading in English. So, yes, fear is the mind killer and my fear is that this post may or may not actually make a modicum of sense to someone that reads it, though that was rather not the entire point now was it? The style was the thing and the fear, well, that just climbed in the saddlebag of the nightmare.

6 thoughts on “Fear

  1. Your puntuation marks really did the trick 😉 It is impossible to stop reading becasue you just don’t leave a chance. The way you wrote seems like carrying on the thoughts and letting them continue.
    This creates a special flying rythm that supports your content greatly.

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