Privatized Libraries

The community library used to be an institution where everyone that lived here could go and borrow books and other materials to read, study, and learn. It is no longer that way.

Our community didn’t value its public library and decided to be a one of the first to privatize the libraries. The buildings are closed now and being sold to real estate developers.

They claim it is no big deal. For $100 a month, “anyone” can get an online account and borrow materials and read on their computer. Anyone does not include the poor, of course. And our county is one of the poorest in the state, leading in unemployment, and number one in malnutrition of children.

Yes, the big hammer has fallen hard again on the wedge driving the split between the wealthy and the rest of us. I heard that the company that runs the library system has over a billion dollars in cash in the bank and that it was seeking more tax breaks to offset its cost of doing business here.

Times are tough for the big corporate entity. Maybe they could do a fund raiser at the library. Oh, wait. There is no library now.

The system runs to perpetuate and grow itself and those that profit the most from the system. It’s like a tumor. The majority is of little consequence. Welcome to our brave new world.

Writing 101 – Day 15

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