Surfari Catch

Dear Mom and Dad,

Meet Zoe (see the wahine sheila in the picture), your new daughter-in-law. Surprise! Sorry I haven’t
written in a while but, well, things have been a little crazy Down Under. The surfing has been gnarly down here. And, I didn’t think that I would like it, but the food is awesome!

We had to put off coming back to Munich for a couple of weeks, but you’ll get to meet her in person soon. She’s great and can’t wait to meet you. No worries, dad. Ja, natürlich. Sie hat ein bisschen Deutsch gelernt. She’s been helping me learn to talk like a regular Aussie bloke too.

Sorry about the wedding thing. It was just real spur of the moment. Zoe’s sisters were all in town and she wanted to go for it before catching the bird back to Europe. Her parents live in a monster place near the beach and they want you both to come down and visit. Australia is the real bomb. Anyway, I know you’re just going to love her. I sure do!

We’ll be on the Lufthansa flight coming in on the 28th. Looking forward to being back home.

Hang ten,

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Copyright © 2014  Eric A. Schweitz

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