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The Travel Collection

Eden was cruising through the nebula at half the speed of light. She was a Wanderer class starship – a fully self-sufficient, highly mobile, sentient, micro-world –  that had flown the galaxy for 100 thousand years, precisely. For today was her birthday. She was braking hard now, gathering trace raw materials for the next sowing.

Things were progressing well, she thought. She would need to Continue reading The Travel Collection

What Didn’t Happen

I know now that being a teenager was the most awkward of times. Boys, feelings, school, friends, hormones, fitting-in, new ideas, pressures: it all comes out of a fire hose. Drink? No, not really.  It’s more like making decisions as reflex reactions to situations beyond one’s control. Trying to survive the adolescent jungle by swimming the path of least resistance.

This is a boy story. A story about Continue reading What Didn’t Happen