Game of Groans

One phenomena or trend that stands out to me as awesome in every conceivable way is the Disney Channel Effect on young children. I mean, doesn’t everyone want a cheeky little five year old of their very own?!? Just the other day, my wife and I overheard a child smoothly dishing out the biting, saucy remarks to his frazzled mother in the market. The canned laughter rolled down the aisles of the store. The shocked looks on the faces of the elderly couple: Simply Priceless! What mother doesn’t want to be told her outfit makes her look bovine as she drags her son or daughter from the candy aisle to the meat department? Seriously, good times for all, right there. And, to contemplate how these mad skills will be used in the future. Who can wait to read about that? Like they say, sardonic wit and sarcasm sell.

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