Mind Reader

She’s perky and obviously, overly caffeinated. She doesn’t know I am a secretly a mind reader. She’s wearing the green apron and it’s slam time. She’s frantic, but adapted to her predicament. Her hair is streaked at least four colors, three not naturally occurring, though it’s up in a bun and harder to count them all that way. I’ll have to tune the needle in my head to her frequency… there.

She’s silently humming something as she writes on a cup. A boy band? One Direction… yes, that’s it. Are they playing on the speakers here? Possibly. I honestly wouldn’t know…

This marker is about out of ink. I need a new one. Where did <grumble> put them? She searches under the register.
Another latte order? That’s like the jillionth this morning!
Oh My God! The creeper dude just walked in. Ugh!
Is it already 9:30?
Seriously, what’s wrong with this woman? She lost her Starbucks card? Why not look for it, like, in the line?! Hello.
Seriously, it’s like literally hot in here.
Next customer…

“Yes, welcome to Starbucks. May I help you, sir?”

I give her my order, hand her my card. She runs it through the swiper. “OK, there you go.” She hands the card back.

I say, “And, thank you. Have a great day…” I see her name tag, “Lacey.”

She smiles. “You too. You too.” Well, I think he was the first person to thank me all morning.

Copyright © 2014 – Eric Schweitz

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